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Embrace Hold Hoop

Embrace Hold Hoop

High quality pull hoop/immobility clamp/embrace hoop hold for OPGW hardware fittings

1 Galvanized Pull Hoop For Pole Line Hardware, malleable iron Q235, streghthening hoop, pull hoop, supporting wire hoop       for the pole or the tower.

2 Strictly in accordance with per customer requirement.

3 High tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

4 The Pull Hoop used with the single groove clamps or parallel groove clamps for tower line fttings.

TypeDia . Of the fixing loationsRef. Weight(kg)Material
HBG 070 125101-125mm2.3galvanized steel
HBG 070 150126-150mm2.5galvanized steel
HBG 070 175151-175mm2.7galvanized steel
HBG 070 200176-200mm2.9galvanized steel
HBG 070 225201-225mm3.2galvanized steel
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