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Characteristics Of The Plating Layer Of Threaded Fasteners

May. 10, 2019

As a Stay Rod Manufacturer, we are here to share with you the characteristics of the threaded fastener plating.

Plating thickness of threaded fasteners

In the electroplating process, whether it is by barrel plating or hanging plating process, the thickness of the coating obtained by each fastener in a batch of products is different, that is, the distribution of the coating on the same fastener is also uneven. of. For example, the thickness of the coating of the thread crest is thicker than the median diameter and the bottom of the tooth, and the thickness of the plating at both ends of the screw and the bolt is thicker than the middle, and is more remarkable as the length to diameter ratio increases. 

Pigtail Bolt

The same applies to the nut. Due to the shielding effect during the nut plating process, the thickness of the plating layer on the internal thread is very thin, and only the first fastener on both ends is thicker than the plating in the middle portion, which is equivalent to the hex wrench surface. thickness.

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