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Comparison Of Orcelain Insulator And Glass Insulators

Apr. 19, 2018

Orcelain insulator has good chemical stability and thermal stability, almost no age deterioration, and has good electrical and mechanical properties. Large-diameter, large-tonnage L00-400KN, common-type and bell-shaped umbrellas have appeared. In general, however, the number of porcelain insulator manufacturers has not substantially increased over the years, but is decreasing through integration and restructuring in the same fierce market competition.

The glass insulator adopts a cylindrical head structure and the bearing assembly is subjected to uniform force. Compared with domestic traditional porcelain insulators, the conical head structure that has been consistently manufactured for several decades has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high strength and excellent electrical properties. Because the linear expansion coefficient of glass is much larger than that of porcelain, the size of the outer shape is much smaller than that of the composite insulating material, and it is easily connected with the metal attachment and the cement, so the material of the force-receiving component has a good match.

Orcelain Insulator

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