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What Should I Do If The Insulator Is Dirty?

Jan. 08, 2019

The flashing of power equipment will seriously affect the safe operation of the power system. Therefore, preventing pollution flashing of power equipment has become an important task to ensure the safe production of power systems. The traditional method is the power-off cleaning in spring and autumn, as well as the use of silicone oil, silicone grease and other coatings, reasonable adjustment of the creepage ratio of the outer insulation, the use of anti-flash climbing skirt, the use of RTV anti-pollution flash coating.

Anti-pollution measures:

(1) Determine the pollution period and pollution level of the line. It is necessary to correctly understand the degree of atmospheric pollution and the nature of pollution in the areas where the lines pass through, and correctly divide the pollution areas in various areas in order to provide a reliable basis for anti-pollution work;

(2) Clean the Insulator regularly. Before the arrival of the contamination season, the insulators are cleaned on a base-by-base basis to remove contaminants from the surface of the insulator. The cleaning method is usually cleaned every year before the rainy season. Wipe the insulation with a dry cloth, a damp cloth or a cloth dampened with gasoline (or a cloth dipped in soapy water), or rinse the insulator with electricity. For insulators that are seriously dirty and difficult to clean on site, new insulators can be replaced, old insulators can be brought back, and cleaned at the factory;

(3) Replace bad and zero value Insulator. Regularly insulate the insulator string and find that the bad insulator and zero-value insulator should be replaced in time;

(4) Increase the unit leakage ratio of the insulator string. The larger the leakage current on the surface of the insulator, the more serious the pollution is. The magnitude of the leakage current is inversely proportional to the unit leakage ratio of the insulator string. Therefore, the number of insulators can be increased or the resistance to the insulator can be increased to increase the unit leakage ratio of the insulator string;

(5) Use antifouling paint. For Insulators in heavily polluted areas, anti-fouling coatings such as silicone oil may be applied to the surface periodically to enhance their anti-fouling ability. Semiconductor glaze insulators may also be used when conditions permit;

(6) Composite insulators are used. The composite insulator is made of a core rod made of epoxy glass fiber rod and a silicone rubber as a basic insulator. The tensile strength of epoxy glass fiber rods is quite high, and the silicone rubber insulated umbrella skirt has good resistance to flashover, so the use of synthetic insulators is an effective measure for line anti-pollution.

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