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The Role Of Composite Station Post Insulator On Transformers

Apr. 09, 2019

As a Composite Pin Insulator Manufacturer, let's talk about the effect of the Composite Station Post Insulator on the transformer.

1. Selection of mechanical strength

The most prominent feature of composite insulator core rods is high toughness and high specific strength. Its tensile strength reaches 7000 MPa, and the specific strength is 5 times that of high quality carbon steel.

Some regions and their units have clearly proposed the application of composite insulators, the mechanical strength is higher than the traditional porcelain, glass insulators, such as the application of porcelain insulators 160kN, and the use of composite insulators 210kN.

Composite Station Post Insulator

2. Proportion of proportions

There are two opinions and suggestions for the selection of synthetic insulator ratios:

First, taking into account the deterioration of the surface material hydrophobicity, take 1:1;

The second is to integrate the working experience of countries in the world today, and the specific distance can be appropriately reduced, such as synthetic insulators can take 2/3 or 3/4 of ceramic insulators.

3. Cleaning phenomenon

Composite Station Post Insulator is more than porcelain insulators, and there is no uniform opinion and advice at this stage. Some pollution flash accidents and excessive accumulation of synthetic insulators in heavy pollution areas have clearly raised the question of whether cleaning is required. Due to the high flashover voltage of the composite insulator, even if the hydrophobicity is reduced or even temporarily reduced, the fouling pressure is higher than 22% of the insulator.

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