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What Are The Installation Precautions For Galvanized Crossarm?

Jan. 26, 2019

Hot Dip Galvanized Crossarm is one of the electric fittings. For the normal operation of galvanized cross-arms, there are specific operating specifications. The following Steel Crossarm Clevis Supplier gives you a detailed explanation.

The load on the cross-arm can be generally decomposed into: lateral load, longitudinal load, vertical load, and lateral load is the load along the cross-arm direction, such as direct bar conductor, ground horizontal wind, corner bar wire, ground wire tension Horizontal horizontal component, etc.; vertical load, perpendicular to the direction of the crossarm, such as the component of the conductor, ground tension in the direction of the vertical crossarm or the ground support; vertical load is the load perpendicular to the ground, such as the wire, The gravity of the ground wire, etc. The cross arm structure design should calculate the normal operation. The accidental disconnection (including the longitudinal unbalanced force when the split conductor is included), the load combination under the installation condition, and the rare conditions such as uneven ice coating in the heavy ice area should be checked if necessary.

The longitudinal tensile strength should be much higher than that of ordinary steel; the stiffness problem and the deformation under the load of the load, the excessive deformation of the cross arm will affect the electrical safety distance of the transmission line, therefore, should be considered in the design process The stiffness of the cross arm should also have good fatigue resistance.

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