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The Development Prospects Of The Insulator Industry Are Promising

Mar. 12, 2019

Insulators are an insulated control that plays an important role in overhead transmission lines, which serves to support the conductors and prevent current from returning to the ground. Previously, insulators were mostly used in utility poles, and have now evolved into disc-shaped insulators that are hung at one end of a high-voltage wire connection tower, usually made of ceramic or glass. The insulator should ensure that the various electromechanical stresses remain unchanged when the environmental and electrical load conditions change. Otherwise, it will not only fail to function properly, but will damage the service life of the entire line.

Mechanical industry analysts pointed out that in China's insulator industry, in addition to the relatively stable operation of the arrester, the pillars and hollow insulators have made great progress, and the casing products have the most problems. According to statistics, the failure rate of the insulator is 0.3 ‰, where the high voltage portion is 0.1 ‰, the Orcelain Insulator and the glass insulator are 0.2 ‰. Therefore, each production enterprise needs to further strengthen quality control from the aspects of design, raw materials, and process, and strengthen communication with the demand side, develop new products that continuously meet the needs of power grid construction, and make certain contributions to the construction of smart grid.

After continuous development in recent years, the quality level of Insulator China products has been greatly improved, and it has been well adapted to the requirements of China's power grid development. Its manufacturing level has reached international lead and its operating performance is getting better and better.

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