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The Basic Features Of Suspension Clamp

Nov. 14, 2018

The basic features of Suspension Clamp:

1. Uniform stress distribution, no stress concentration point, can enhance the rigidity of the cable installation point, and have good protection performance for the cable.

2. The suspension clamp has good dynamic stress bearing capacity, and the grip strength of the clamp meets the specified unbalanced load, and the holding force can reach 10%-20% of the rated tensile strength (RTS) of the optical cable.

3. It has a large contact area with the optical cable and is equipped with a flexible rubber clamp to reduce wear and enhance self-damping.

4. The surface is flat, the end of the smooth shape, so as not to scratch the cable.

5. High-quality aluminum alloy material, effective high comprehensive mechanical performance and corrosion resistance, extending the service life.

6. The suspension clamp is easy to install, no special tools, no maintenance.

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Suspension Clamp

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