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What Is Anchor Clamp?

Apr. 23, 2018

Anchor Clamp refers to a member used to connect a monolithic refractory lining, a refractory preform, a refractory fiber mat with a furnace shell or a furnace body steel structure. The function of the anchor is to fix the connected lining in a certain position against the effects of static load, thermal stress, mechanical rotation or vibration. The anchors help to prevent the collapse of the material before the ceramics are combined during construction and heating, and also help to make the material shrink uniformly and prevent the liner from forming large and concentrated cracks.

Anchor Clamp is divided into Plastic Anchor Clamp and Metal Anchor Clamp according to different materials. The metal anchor is made of low carbon steel, heat-resistant alloy steel, nickel-chromium alloy and other materials. Metal Anchor Clamp has many shapes, such as Y type, V type, T type, S type and so on. Metal Anchor Clamp is a refractory castable, fire-resistant plastic and fire-resistant spray coating used to support and secure thinner liners. Which shape of Metal Anchor Clamp to use is determined by the structure of the lining body.

Metal Anchor Clamp

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