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Composite Station Post Insulator Composite Station Post Insulator

Composite Station Post Insulator

Name: Composite Station Post Insulator

No.: F-003

Addtime: 2017-06-22

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· Composite Station Post Insulator:

General Introduction

This product is applied to high voltage power line service, and has features of good hydrophobicity,anti-aging, anti-leakage trace and electrical erode proof, tensile strength and bending strength, strong mechanical strength, with good performance in shock resistance good quakeproof & brittle-break proof, light weight, easy to installation, and the installation outline of top and base are the same size with porcelain pin type, they can exchange to use each other.

Main Technical Parametes (performance meet GB/T20142-2006 IEC61952)

Product ModelRated Voltage (kv)Rated Mechanical Bending Load (kn)Rated Catileve Load (kn)Structure Height H. (mm)Min. Arc Distance (mm)Min. Creepage Distance (mm)Diameter of Shed (mm)Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage   (peak)(kv)P.F.1min Wet Withstand Voltage   (virtual value)(kv)

· Note:
1.The mini creepage distance is a little different as per product height.

· 2. The product height and top, bottom accessories install dimension could be choosed from table, also could be supplied their dates to us by yourself. The 220kV insulator could be one section , and also two sections.

· 3. 110~220kV composite core post insulator only could be applied to busbar post or lateral post. It should be discussed with manufacturer if the prohucts are used for knife switch post.

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